Our Values

Values are the foundation of the best team and companies.  They represent what matters most to our team, guiding our actions and the impact we make for customers and the communities they serve.  We are proud to share our values:


We act like founders and take ownership for the part of the business we run.  We get things done and own the outcome, whether it be helping customers or each other when it is needed most.


We treat our team members, partners and all stakeholders with consideration, courtesy, and dignity, and their perspectives are taken seriously.  Respect also includes a focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


We value team players who want to grow and do the best work of their life as part of a talented and collaborative group.  We understand that teamwork helps us overcome problems, reduces burnout, improves productivity, grows skills, improves communication, boosts creativity, and so much more. 

Customer Focus & Innovation

We believe in the power of our products and are focused on our customers’ needs.  We want our products to be in the most hands possible.  We are motivated by creating transformational products that have never been made before and solve difficult problems.

Diversity / Equity / Inclusion (DEI)

We support a culture that promotes diversity where a variety of social and cultural backgrounds can co-exist.  We believe that diverse backgrounds lead to a wider range of ideas and perspectives enabling greater success within our company and for our customers, allowing us to build the best products and make the most positive impact.

Equity is one of our core values that can be seen within the company and in the products we make.  Everyone on the team is given the same treatment, opportunities and advancement.  Our products are meant to promote equity in the communities we live in.

Inclusion means that everyone feels a part of their team and the larger organization, no matter what their identity. We intend to remove barriers and promote equity so that we can celebrate differences and reach our full potential as a company, team, and individuals.