ReadySight robot navigates rocks, rugs and all sorts of indoor and outdoor terrain.

Jim Booth CEO
September 28, 2022

Time takes time.  I’ve heard that saying often, but have a new appreciation for it in recent weeks.  I co-founded Company Six due to its important mission - keeping people with dangerous jobs and those they serve, safe.  I, as much as anyone, want to get our rugged, low-cost robot out to our customers as soon as possible, to have their backs and to provide the situational awareness they need today.

Respect is one of the CO6 core values, and it takes many forms.   Making a small and capable robot like ReadySight is very difficult - it requires optimizing for mobility, size, temperature and moisture, battery life, and a secure backend video platform.  Our team is up to the challenge, but out of respect for first responders and others with dangerous jobs, we simply will not put a robot into their hands unless it meets our high criteria for reliability and performance. 

We also respect the urgency facing those who are eagerly waiting for the services the ReadySight robot provides.  We are thrilled to announce that our Special Insights Team (SIT) partners will begin beta testing the ReadySight robots in the coming weeks.  For first responders, every day counts, every day brings a chance for circumstances where situational awareness could make a meaningful difference.  We respect the urgent need that each and every one of our customers face, and want to meet that demand.

As my team and I face difficult decisions, we focus on the fundamentals, on our core values, and on how best to respect and honor our mission while maintaining the level of trust our customers bestow upon us.  We take the time to earn our stakeholders’ respect and to deliver a product and program worthy of it.  Thank you for your patience as each day the ReadySight robot takes one step closer to serving you, ensuring safety and awareness when you and your community need it most.