Company Six Origin

ReadySight robot navigates rocks, rugs and all sorts of indoor and outdoor terrain.

October 26, 2021

Company Six was built by people that know robots, out of a desire to create an affordable robot with one job. Make dangerous jobs safer.

The ReadySight™ robot was developed from the ground up to be usable by anyone, on any device. To be a tool that can be used each and every day.

The concept is pretty simple. Send a small robot into harm’s way, when the situation is either unknown or too dangerous for a person to go. This allows responders to gain valuable space and information before human life is put at risk.

In an emergency situation anyone from fire/rescue, police, EMS, or municipal services can access video in order to make the best decisions possible. Video is stored securely in the cloud and can be viewed by any authorized user anywhere in the world. In real time.

Crucially, ReadySight is so affordable you won’t think twice about sending it into danger. A tool you’re afraid to use because it’s priced like a midsize sedan is a tool that stays in storage except in the most dire circumstances.

At Company Six, we expect the ReadySight robot to be used every day because it is so simple to operate and gives additional flexibility to those on and off the scene.

Our number one goal was to create a tool that gives the people that go into harm’s way the most information possible before they have to make a critical decision.

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