Meet the ReadySight Robot

ReadySight robot navigates rocks, rugs and all sorts of indoor and outdoor terrain.

October 26, 2021

Meet ReadySight, the multifunction situational awareness robot purpose built for first responders. No matter what uniform you wear, the ReadySight™ robot can make your job easier, and most importantly, safer.

Controllable by any smart device you’re already carrying, you can send the ReadySight robot in first. If you’re alone and waiting for backup, ReadySight can scope the situation out. If the scene is too dangerous for a person to safely enter, send in the ReadySight robot. It loves danger.

Not only is this little robot tough as nails, it’s smart as hell. The ReadySight robot can see in the dark with a zero-light capable camera with bright LED and IR lights. Time of Flight sensors keep it from bumping into anything, and an on board speaker and microphone allow two-way communication with anyone on the scene.

Putting information into the hands of people that need it most to make good decisions is what ReadySight does best. Any authorized user can view video feeds live or access secure video from the cloud.

All of this doesn’t do any good if a tool is so expensive it never comes out of storage. That’s why we made the ReadySight robot so affordable and easy to operate. It’s meant to be used every day.

If something does happen to your unit while it’s in operation? We’ll replace it. No questions asked.

Quantities are limited. Reserve your ReadySight robot at today.

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