Introducing ReadySight

ReadySight robot navigates rocks, rugs and all sorts of indoor and outdoor terrain.

July 26, 2021

Company Six Shares First Look of Its Personal, Cellular Situational Awareness Robot for First Responders and Professionals with Dangerous Jobs

BOULDER, Colo. (Nov 24, 2020) -- Company Six is unveiling its rugged ReadySight robot and cellular service that gives first responders and professionals with dangerous or difficult jobs an extra set of eyes.

ReadySight is a rugged one pound, throwable, mobile video robot with unlimited range. It streams video over dedicated first responder and commercial LTE networks. Controlled by the user’s smartphone, ReadySight can stream to unlimited web viewers, so whether they are across town in a command center or across the globe everyone is getting the information they need to make decisions in real-time.

Everyday video streaming usage plans will start at $99/month and first responder plans are$149/month and include unlimited streaming over priority networks and a free replacement robot if ReadySight is lost in the line of duty.

“Making a small, portable, video enabled robot has really been a goal of our founding team since 2012 while we were at Sphero - but the networks and core technology simply were not ready,” said Jim Booth CEO of Company Six. “Having used robots in the field while in the Army, they can be large, expensive and difficult to operate. What we’ve built is unlike any tool out there at a fraction of the price - truly to the point that they can be expendable if necessary. We want to put our robots in the hands of the many - not the few. We want our users to have all the information that is possible before they put themselves or others in harm’s way.”

The technology integrated into the ReadySight robot will allow for day and zero light usage, autonomous and semi-autonomous operations, two way audio communication and unlimited range and usage over nationwide LTE networks.

"A tool like ReadySight is what we've been wanting for years. A low cost, expendable, throwable video robot, that runs over the cellular LTE network. In many critical situations our police and fire first responders incur the risk of 'going in blind' to an uncertain situation. ReadySight is a game changer for these situations where more information is needed quickly," said John Abbey, retired Chief of Police from Silicon Valley and public safety innovator.

ReadySight has an endless number of use cases from accident investigation, exploring tight or unknown spaces before someone enters, even acting as a sentry to keep eyes on a critical area such as a crime scene.

First customer shipments are expected in Q3 2021.

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Company Six (CO6) is a venture-backed robotics and cloud technologies company headquartered in Boulder, CO dedicated to advancing the awareness and protection of those who put themselves into harm’s way. By combining advanced robotic platforms and a highly secure cloud-based technology suite their products will fundamentally transform the way first responders and those with dangerous or difficult jobs operate. CO6’s products are based on nearly a decade of technology development, and are designed to deliver a lightweight yet highly advanced robotic solution that provides critical awareness to those who need it most.