ReadySight Form Factor

ReadySight robot navigates rocks, rugs and all sorts of indoor and outdoor terrain.

November 21, 2021

The ReadySight™ robot was built to work.

From the very beginning we were aware that the size and shape of this robot was going to play a big role in how effective it could be.

We knew we wanted the ReadySight robot to go places humans or other larger robots couldn’t go. Go too big and it can’t do that, but if you go too small the robot struggles with obstacles. 

We believe we struck the right balance with this one.

The ReadySight robot is small enough to be clipped to a vest, a belt, or even be kept in a cup holder. It can be used every day because it’s so easy to grab and carry.

Rough terrain, dirt, grass, even dirty clothes aren’t a challenge for this robot. 

The ReadySight robot’s size, combined with its agility and ability to overcome obstacles are what make it something that can get the job done every single day.

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