Company Six welcomes Carie Lemack

ReadySight robot navigates rocks, rugs and all sorts of indoor and outdoor terrain.

Jim Booth CEO
August 18, 2022

Company Six recognizes that we are only as strong and capable as are each individual on our team.  We are lucky that so many of us have nearly a decade of experience working together, building and selling more than five million robots.

This month as we welcome a new member to the Company Six team, I have a chance to reflect on one of the Company Six core values, that of teamwork.  People join our team to do their best work while also living their best life. In order to build a reliable robot for people with dangerous jobs, to provide a solution and safety to those who keep our communities safe, we need each team member to bring their full self to their role.  That means fostering an environment where each team member can shine, collaborate, and innovate until we reach our collective goals.  

I am excited to announce that Carie Lemack is joining Company Six as our Chief Operating Officer.  She has experience growing innovative, impactful teams, as well as a passion for the safety and security sectors in the U.S. and abroad.  Carie’s ability to distill messaging, grow ops teams, and do whatever is needed to succeed will help our team as we grow.

I and the entire Company Six team are thrilled to have Carie join us on our mission to provide the tools first responders and others with dangerous jobs need as they keep our communities safe. We have other openings - if you are someone who cares deeply about creating robots that help save lives, who is a team player and enjoys wearing many hats to achieve our goals, and finally who has a commitment to being part of a thoughtful, ethical and inclusive workplace, we invite you to apply.